Why is your AC blowing warm air?

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Keeping your home cool is essential for comfort and ensuring that your belongings inside the house are protected from humid weather. Unfortunately, air conditioners suffer various issues that might result in them not delivering as required. Some users feel warm air coming from the air conditioner vents, which raises many questions. The continued flow of warm air indicates a problem within the system that needs to be addressed as fast as possible. Below are some of the common reasons why you are experiencing warm air from your air conditioner system.

Low level of refrigerant

Usually, refrigerants are supposed to last for a lifetime. However, with simple wear and tear, damages can be directed towards the air conditioner, thus causing leaks that will reduce the levels of refrigerants over time. If the conditioner lacks adequate refrigerant, it will not complete the evaporation process required for cold air creation. You can call a professional to inspect the air conditioner and fix the lines of the refrigerant causing the leakage. After the repair is done and complete, you should add more refrigerant to help the conditioner work as required. 

Leakages in the duct

The ductwork can, over time, develop leaks such as tears and holes. These holes allow a lot of cooled air to escape before it reaches the vents and flows inside the home. Since the duct is usually located in places such as the ceiling or the house walls where you cannot easily reach, it is essential to call professional contractors to inspect and point out where the leak is located. The best thing to do is repair the duct, replace or close the hole or tear to enable the air conditioner to cool the home and not warm. 

Dirty or clogged filters

The air conditioner works by ensuring the flow of cool air through the vents to the outside. However, if this is reduced, it means that the cooling operation of the AC is hindered. Although it may seem strange, warm air has to flow over the coils for an air conditioner to work efficiently and effectively. The filters are designed to eliminate any dust or contaminants from the air flowing through the system. If your filter is dirty from the dust, this can block the air from flowing well and entering the system. As a result, the coils that are supposed to remove heat stop working, and the heat is blown back to the house. If you are experiencing a problem with your conditioner expelling warm air, try inspecting your filter and fix the problem by replacing it if need be.


This is something most people will not think of when their air conditioner is blowing warm air. But the truth is the thermostat should be your first go-to thing to think about. The AC may be blowing warm air because the thermostat was incorrectly set to heat. If you find out that this is the problem, all you have to do is set the thermostat to cooling. Set the thermostat to cool and ensure that the temperatures are correct. If there is a need to replace batteries, get others to make the whole process easy and effective. It is usually recommended that you set the thermostat to 78 degrees and 10 degrees higher when you are not around home.

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