Questions to ask your tech after furnace repair

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So, you finished repairing your furnace? Asking questions is a good idea to ensure the furnace works as intended. Here are the best questions you need to ask your service tech after a furnace repair to ensure an excellent performance from beginning to end. 

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Ask questions of your HVAC technician

Why did the problem occur?

Knowing what caused the damage to your furnace is a sure-fire way to prevent costly future repairs. Is the cause preventable? Is taking quick action to seek help created a huge difference. Or, is there anything you could have done to prevent further devastation? These are the kind of questions you need to ask your service tech, especially if you want to avoid more problems from occurring in the future. 

Is the repair short or long term?

Sometimes, furnace repairs can be just a quick fix. This is especially true when you need a replacement, and maybe you are tight on budget. Thus, the need for short-term solutions. So, asking your service tech how long the solution can stay will help you prepare yourself for a replacement. 

What was the source of the problem?

A furnace is made up of many components. So, make sure to ask where the issue originates. Don’t fear asking into details where the problem occurred. Even better, you can ask your service tech to walk around showing you the particular source. 

When do you need to service your system again?

It is one of the crucial questions you need to ask before your service tech walks away. Some furnaces need a technician to come back sooner to ensure it is working perfectly. An in-person appointment or scheduling a follow-up call will work fine. 

How can I know I need a technician back?

Ask your service tech to explain the sign your furnace will show, which signal you need them to come back again for a repair. Also, remember to master the name of the technician you have worked with. Yes, because you may need them back again for extra repair. 

What measures do I need to follow to ensure furnace maintenance is top-notch?

Maintaining your furnace can increase its lifespan. But, this depends on the age of your system and the problems it has experienced. So, ask your service provider the preventive measures you need to take that give you peace of mind. 

How long can my unit last?

Another crucial question to ask relates to the lifespan of your furnace unit. The truth is, none of the furnaces you own can last forever. A well-maintained furnace is expected to last about fifteen to eighteen years. So, ask for an estimate of how long your unit will stay and see what your technician anticipates. 

How can I maintain my unit to the best?

Ask about ultimate tips on how you can maintain your unit. Yes, because a dirty furnace can cost you energy and money. You can also schedule a maintenance schedule with your service provider. 

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